Eligibility Criteria

The CWMD Graduate Fellowship Program welcomes applications from:

We welcome and encourage applications from both DoD and uniformed (commissioned officer and senior non-commissioned officer) and civilian personnel as well as personnel from other federal agencies.

However, non-DoD applicants are required to provide their own funding. Many agencies are willing to sponsor employee participation in order to obtain the expertise afforded by this program.


Applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen (except for international partners applying under the terms of an established agreement);
  • Have a mimimum of a bachelor's degree (many applicants also hold advanced or professional degrees);
  • Possess an active SECRET clearance;
  • Submit at least one letter of recommendation from a senior official within their organization; and
  • Secure the permission and support of their supervisory chain to depart their workplace in time to:
    • Depart work in time to attend classes at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), either in-residence at the MSU campus in Fairfax, Virginia and the NDU campus in Washington, D.C. or remotely.
    • Attend the CWMD Fellows Colloquium conducted at NDU, as follows:
      • First-year students will attend a week-long mandatory Colloquium in Washington, D.C. from August 10-14, 2020. Failure to attend this week-long session in its entirety will result in dismissal from the CWMD Graduate Fellowship Program.
      • Second-year students pursuing the master's degree will attend monthly colloquium sessions, typically held on Friday afternoons, throughout the academic year.



  • For DoD CWMD Graduate Fellows: The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs (the Fellowship sponsor) covers all costs, including tuition, books, and course fees. DoD funding is limited to DoD personnel only.
  • For Non-DoD CWMD Graduate Fellows: Non-DoD Fellows must secure funding from their home organizations or pay out of pocket. The cost is approximately $13,000 per year.