Master of Science Degree

The Master of Science Degree in WMD Studies consists of 12 courses totaling 36 graduate semester hours.  (The 36-hour total includes the 15 hours taken from the graduate certificate.  Hence, the Master of Science Degree requires 21 graduate semester hours beyond the Graduate Certificate.)

CWMD Fellows selected to participate in the Master of Science Degree program are required to complete:

  • an intensive graduate writing seminar in international security affairs;
  • an internship associated with their regular DoD employment;
  • an additional two-semester CWMD colloquium taught at NDU;
  • four additional courses on WMD-related topics; and
  • EITHER a master’s thesis
  • OR a substantive research project coupled with a comprehensive oral examination.

Most CWMD Fellows find that their schedules best lend themselves to the research project/comprehensive oral examination option.

Thus, the Graduate Certificate program and the Master of Science Degree program function in a complementary way to build the depth of WMD expertise in the DoD:

Master of Science


The CWMD Fellowship is structured so as to enable DoD personnel working full time, but also deeply committed to ongoing professional education, to complete the entire academic experience in 24 fast-paced months:

Fellowship Structure

The graduation requirements can be found here.