Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in WMD Studies consists of 5 courses totaling 15 graduate semester hours.  

CWMD Fellows selected to participate in the Graduate Certificate program are required to complete the following classes through Missouri State University:

  • DSS 601: Seminar on Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control
  • DSS 722: Emerging Strategic Challenges or DSS 725: Instruments of State Power
  • DSS 723: Counterproliferation
  • DSS 727: Chemical and Biological Warfare or DSS 827: Advanced Chemical and Biological Warfare
  • DSS 798: Seminar on Contemporary Defense Issues: CWMD Graduate Fellows Colloquium (This course is taught by and at National Defense University, either as a monthly meeting during the school year or, beginning in Fall 2019, as a week-long intensive session in Washington, DC.)

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for a second year of the CWMD Graduate Fellowship Program to complete the Master of Science in WMD Studies:

  • maintain good academic standing during completion of the Graduate Certificate
  • reside in the greater Washington, DC area (to include Charlottesville, VA; Aberdeen, MD; and Carlisle, PA) for the duration of the second year of the program
  • obtain permission and support of their supervisory chain to allocate time to attend weekly evening classes, monthly Friday afternoon colloquium sessions and occasional weekday research project or thesis consultation sessions with the program director. 

Applications to continue studies and pursue the Master of Science degree will be considered by the CWMD Graduate Fellowship Program selection committee. Admission into a second year of the program is not guaranteed.