Recent Publications

Nuclear Terrorism - Imminent Threat?

By Brendan G. Melley

Terrorism experts and analysts have debated this for years, and no consensus exists as to why the world has not seen terrorists succeed at perpetrating a nuclear attack. Despite the seeming inevitability of a terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon, terrorists may be substantially less likely to conduct such an attack than most analysts and policymakers expect. MORE

Biosecurity Implications for the Synthesis of Horsepox, an Orthopoxvirus

By Diane DiEuliis, Kavita Berger, and Gigi Gronvall

This article examines the biosecurity and biodefense implications resulting from the recent creation of horsepox virus, a noncirculating (extinct) species of orthopoxvirus. Here we examine the technical aspects of the horsepox virus synthesis and conclude that orthopox synthesis experiments currently remain technically challenging—and will continue to be so, even once this work is published in the scientific literature. MORE


Dr. Susan Koch Receives Nunn-Luger Trailblazer Award

“We brought on a number of people, whom we honor today, to handle different aspects of the program, MORE

PEL Winter Workshop

On February 25-26, the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (CSWMD) hosted the annual Winter Workshop for the Program for Emerging Leaders (PEL). MORE

Countering Russia’s Strategy for Regional Coercion and War

On January 19-20, The Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (CSWMD) conducted a workshop on "Countering Russia's Strategy for Regional Coercion and War" at National Defense University. MORE

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