Recent Publications

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Challenges for the New Administration

By John P. Caves, Jr.

The 2015 National Security Strategy identifies the proliferation and/or use of weapons of mass MORE

Why the U.S.-Israel Military Aid Package Matters

By Seth Carus, Nima Gerami, and Chen Kane

After months of tense and drawn-out negotiations, on September 14 the United States and Israel MORE


WMD Center at the Timbie Forum

The James Timbie Forum on Arms Control and Nonproliferation (#timbieforum) is an annual conference MORE

Dr. Susan Koch Receives Nunn-Luger Trailblazer Award

“We brought on a number of people, whom we honor today, to handle different aspects of the program, MORE

PEL Winter Workshop

On February 25-26, the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (CSWMD) hosted the annual Winter Workshop for the Program for Emerging Leaders (PEL). MORE

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