Director's Message

An important part of Russia’s playbook in Ukraine is nuclear saber-rattling, disinformation regarding non-existent chemical and biological weapons activities by the United States and Ukraine, and other irresponsible behavior and rhetoric regarding weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  Disinformation around WMD muddies the ability to definitively attribute use and hold perpetrators accountable, opening the door to future use. These threats and distortions highlight the central role of WMD in the Putin regime’s coercive strategies for regional conflict and underscore the need to develop responsive policies that fully integrate WMD into a comprehensive approach to deter and defend against competitors and adversaries.  Moscow’s actions are a stark reminder that WMD cannot be separated from defense strategy but must be addressed as an integral part of the security landscape.  It remains urgent that a vibrant community of subject matter experts, inside and outside of the Federal government, understands this environment and can inform senior decisionmakers of the tools available to counter the threat and use of WMD.

The Center for the Study of WMD (CSWMD) is the nation’s premier institution for education, research, and policy support regarding the national security challenges presented by these weapons. Our experts have a wealth of relevant policy, operational, and technical expertise gained at the highest levels of government, to include the White House; the Departments of Defense, State, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security; the Intelligence Community; and with partners and Allies.  We also have worked in related industry, academic, and national and international non-governmental organizations that contribute to understanding and responding to these challenges. CSWMD serves as a vital hub in the Whole-of Government approach dedicated to reducing and eventually eliminating the dangers posed by the existence of WMD.

I welcome you to our web portal and invite you to browse our publications, attend our events, reach out to our experts, sign up to our  mailing list, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest content on WMD security issues.  Finally, I look forward to your comments on how we can improve our site and the content that we provide to you.

Brendan G. Melley
Director, Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Institute for National Strategic Studies
National Defense University