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Spotlight Seminar

The WMD Spotlight Seminar Series is a monthly forum hosted by the National Defense University’s Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The series features senior-level speakers from across the Countering WMD community to discuss topical WMD and national security issues.

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Annual Symposium

The WMD Center Symposium is an annual conference for the countering WMD community. This classified symposium is typically held in the spring and focuses on relevant CWMD equities within the interagency.

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Invitational Workshops

The Center also holds a variety of workshops to foster deeper understanding of WMD issues and provide support to our sponsors. These events are by invitation only and focus on policy development and upcoming research projects..

Spotlight Seminar Series

November Spotlight Seminar: Honey I Shrunk the Lab

At CSWMD’s November Spotlight Seminar, Dr. Phillip Bleek and Mr. Cyrus Jabbari led a discussion on the implications of microfluidics for the CWMD community.


October Spotlight: Social Media and the Concept of Escalation

At CSWMD's October Spotlight Seminar, Professor Lawrence Freedman presented his latest research on the influence of social media on crisis escalation.