WMD Studies for NDU Students

The WMD curriculum educates joint Warfighters in countering WMD theory and strategy, using a curriculum that enables critical thinking and informs national strategy and globally integrated operations under conditions of disruptive change. Since 2012, the WMD Center has offered a WMD studies master’s degree-level area of concentration to students selected to attend National Defense University, that includes coursework in deterrence theory, nuclear policy, etc. The objectives of the concentration are to provide interested students with a foundation in the national security strategies, policies, and operational art associated with acquisition, development, and deployment of weapons of mass destruction; introduce them to the national security objectives nations have sought to secure through such weapons and through international security negotiations to control them; and allow NDU students to pursue their independent interests in WMD studies through various specialized courses or research. 


The WMD Studies concentration requires one of the two foundation courses the WMD Center offers on WMD strategy, policy, and challenges. 

  • NDU 6014 Contemporary Issues in Countering WMD (Foundation Course) or
  • NDU 6015 The Gravest Danger (Foundation Course)

It also requires one other elective from this list of courses.

  • Another course from the list above
  • NDU 6016 Consequence Management: Responding to Catastrophic Events
  • NDU 6061 Joint Land Air Sea Strategic Exercise (JLASS-EX) (Classified)
  • NDU 6070 Biosecurity and Emerging Biotechnology
  • NDU 6071 Thinking about the Unthinkable
  • NWC 6009 Nuclear Weapons & National Security in the 21st Century (Classified)
  • NWC 6066 Deterrence Theory & National Security
  • CISA 6910-1 Nuclear Threats: Enduring Nuclear Challenges in a Dangerous World

For more information please contact Dr. Mark Mattox (john.mark.mattox@ndu.edu)