News | April 9, 2018

Emergence and Convergence: Research Paper Series


The ongoing, multiyear study entitled Emergence and Convergence ("E&C") continues to explore the risks, opportunities, and governance challenges for countering WMD introduced by a diverse range of emerging technologies.  Studies include a focus on technologies such as biotechnology, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a host of others of high impact and interest to the Department of Defense.  Research papers associated with E&C are linked below, for questions or other interest in the project, please contact Dr. Diane DiEuliis, Senior Research Fellow.

The Emergence and Convergence study is supported by several offices within the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) and receives its primary funding from the CWMD Systems Program Office within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs/Threat Reduction and Arms Control (NCB/TRAC/CWMD Systems). The support by Mr. Jim Stokes, Director, CWMD Systems Program, has been critical to the project’s success.



Research Papers


In research paper no. 1, Mr. Kenneth Turner explores the rise of commercial drones and examines how the growing capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) changes the risks and opportunities related to WMD and poses new governance challenges for countering WMD. Read research paper no. 1 HERE




In research paper no. 2, Dr. Natasha Bajema explores the challenges of defense innovation under the current defense acquisition system, reviews current transformations underway, and examines the model of SOFWERX as a way to leverage cutting-edge technologies in order to  remove the silos between innovators and warfighters. Read research paper no. 2 HERE