News | March 18, 2019

2019 Annual Symposium Countering WMD at 25: A Changing World


Thanks to all who participated in the WMD Center's 2019 Symposium! Pictures from the unclassified sessions of the event can be viewed here.



The 2019 Symposium  marks a quarter-century since the launch of the Defense Counterproliferation Initiative (DCI) and will focus on the threats, challenges and opportunities ahead of us. The DCI guided the U.S. Department of Defense in confronting new WMD dangers posed by rogue states and terrorists in the post-Cold War world, but great power competition once again looms large among WMD challenges even as rogue state and terrorist threats remain. At the symposium, senior officials and experts will discuss choices made and current choices before the United States, allies and partners in this changing world on nuclear weapons policy and posture, arms control and nonproliferation, biodefense, emerging technologies, and requirements, plans, concepts and capabilities for countering WMD.


The overall classification of the symposium will be SECRET//REL FVEY, FRA.  Symposium registration is limited to personnel from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France who possess the requisite security clearance.