News | Dec. 2, 2019

Synthetic Biology Industry Practices and Opportunities for Biosecurity and Potential Roles for the U.S. Government

By Sarah R. Carter and Diane DiEuliis

This report summarizes discussions with industry representatives about the current and future structure of the synthetic biology industry, perspectives on potential misuse and vulnerabilities of synthetic biology tools and capabilities, and business practices to prevent misuse of tools and to protect industry assets. Based on these perspectives and workshop discussions, this report identifies areas where the collaborative development of best practices may support the industry and enhance biosecurity. Potential roles for the U.S. government in supporting, guiding, convening discussions on, and overseeing different aspects of biosecurity in the synthetic biology industry are also included. Critically, this project identified an urgent need for establishment of an ongoing venue for in-depth discussion of biosecurity issues that includes U.S. government and synthetic biology industry stakeholders. READ MORE>>>