News | Feb. 6, 2024

Presentation: “Russian and Other (Dis)information Undermining WMD Arms Control: Considerations for NATO”

By Sarah Jacobs Gamberini and Justin Anderson Briefing to NATO Committee on Proliferation

During early strategic nuclear arms control negotiations, U.S. President Ronald Reagan was known to repeat an old Russian proverb, Doveryai, no proveryai. “Trust, but verify.” Today’s contested information environment has diminished the currency of trust held by individuals, institutions, and states.

• False information pervades our world, corrupts the value of open-source information, and poses a challenge to national security and all forms of diplomacy, including arms control. Potential adversaries and competitors have used this type of influence to challenge the United States and NATO in the information domain, weaken U.S. and allied societies, and undermine faith in institutions it sees as favoring NATO.

• In an era of disinformation, NATO must consider how competitors on the other side of the negotiating table will manipulate information in an attempt to gain leverage.

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