Deterrence & Escalation


Exploring the Requirements of Integrated Strategic Deterrence August 29, 2017 — The workshop sought to gain a deeper understanding of how a more integrated approach to capabilities, operational concepts and plans could deliver a stronger deterrence posture to meet the challenges posed by advanced nuclear-armed adversaries in future regional crisis and conflict. MORE

Implications for US Extended Deterrence and Assurance in East Asia November 22, 2015 — North Korea’s burgeoning nuclear program is placing greater demands on US extended deterrence and also raising questions in Seoul and Tokyo about the robustness of US commitments. These challenges are likely to grow over the coming years, as North Korea appears poised to expand the quantity, quality and diversity of weapons systems in its arsenal MORE

Putin's Russia and U.S. Defense Strategy August 20, 2015 — The workshop addressed two questions bearing on the development of U.S. and NATO strategy toward Russia. MORE

The Future of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Their Nature and Role in 2030 June 1, 2014 — The longstanding efforts of the international community writ large to exclude weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from international competition and conflict could be undermined in 2030. The proliferation of these weapons is likely to be harder to prevent and thus potentially more prevalent. Nuclear weapons are likely to play a more significant role MORE

Avoiding a Crisis of Confidence in the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent January 1, 2010 — The United States needs to modernize and ensure the long-term reliability and responsiveness of its aging nuclear deterrent force and nuclear weapons infrastructure. It cannot otherwise safely reduce its nuclear weapons, responsibly ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, confidently deter and contain challenges from rising or resurgent MORE

Can al Qaeda Be Deterred from Using Nuclear Weapons? July 1, 2005 — This occasional paper pursues four different but complementary approaches to dissect the issue of whether acquisition of NBC/R weapons will mean employment for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. MORE

China Rising: New Challenges to the U.S. Security Posture October 1, 2000 — This article describes how the nature, scope and viability of the strategic relationship between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States has emerged as a key security policy issue. MORE