Europe & Russia


Making Russia Think Twice About Nuclear Threats March 10, 2016 — On September 11, 2013, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, writing in The New York Times, issued “A Plea for Caution From Russia.” Putin sought to communicate directly with the American people, warning against U.S. and Western unilateral military action in Syria — in response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own citizens — MORE

Countering Russia’s Strategy for Regional Coercion and War March 9, 2016 — Much of the discussion since the 2014 Ukraine crisis began has focused on how Russia could exploit a local or regional political crisis (real or manufactured) tolaunch a military action that would result in a rapid fait accompli against one of the Baltic states (or elsewhere in eastern Europe), forcing NATO to weigh the costs and risks of a MORE

Putin's Russia and U.S. Defense Strategy August 20, 2015 — The workshop addressed two questions bearing on the development of U.S. and NATO strategy toward Russia. MORE

The Origins of Nunn-Lugar and Cooperative Threat Reduction April 1, 2010 — In a 1999 interview, Ashton Carter, a key figure in helping to create and implement the threat reduction program initiated by Senators Sam Nunn (D–GA) and Richard Lugar (R–IN), recalled four visits between 1994 and 1996 to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) base in Pervomaysk, Ukraine. Planted in the soil of this base were the most MORE

Aligning Disarmament to Nuclear Dangers: Off to a Hasty START? July 1, 2009 — Confronted by a daunting array of nuclear threats, and having pledged to reinvigorate the application of disarmament tools to address these dangers, the Obama administration has decided to focus its initial efforts on negotiating a new bilateral agreement with Russia to replace the Cold War–era Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expires MORE